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"The animals in our lives already have the knowing that the end of their life is another transition, and all the love that is exchanged between us lives on forever. This book has great testimonies to try to help pet lovers cope with the deep loss of their beloved companions."

— Lydia Hiby
Animal Communicator
"It's a wonderful, wonderful tribute to companion animals everywhere! ... It is just a fabulous read!"

— Rosemary Wallner
Editor, Wallner Creative

"Fellow creatures can teach us how to love, and when they move on they leave a great hole that this book will help to fill."

— Dr. Michael W. Fox, Author and syndicated Animal Doctor columnist
Who thinks you're the most wonderful, irreplaceable being in existence (even when you're cranky, have bed head, have put on some pounds, etc.)? Who forgives you virtually anything, never holds a grudge, and loves you unconditionally?

Who among your best friends will you likely have to make the unthinkable, heartbreaking decision of when they must die when ill-health/pain dominates their life? The answer to all of the above is our animal companions. With them we share an intense emotional bond. So why is it that, when grieving their passing, many of us still feel we must suffer in silence or be labeled somehow defective?

Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss shows you how to:

Emotionally prepare for a pet's euthanasia — understand when it's time
View death not as an ending, but (as animals see it) a natural transformation
Take care of yourself around insensitive people
Memorialize and celebrate your pet's life
Move on after your loss and love again

Reader Views 2010 Reviewers Choice Award in the Inspiration/Spirituality category
IPPY—Independent Publishers Book Award Winner in the Pets/Animals Category

"Best Book of the Year in the Self-Help Category" by Premier Book Awards

PLUS, Outstanding Pet Book from the 2011 Green Book Awards
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